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A pathway to home.

If home is where the heart is, I needed to find what my heart and soul needed.

I'm trying new pathways. New ways of doing life that resonate with me just a little more.

Like, not using social media to share what I do in terms of art, herbs and small bits of thought. I'd like to have a home that is just mine.

Anyone that would like to take a moment to see what I am doing, we can gather here, in a more intimate setting, on my blog, or at my kitchen table. Your house. The woods. Somewhere out there, over a cup of tea. Then I can see what you are doing, and give you my full attention and support as well.

This way, I can better focus on some of my goals and have more personal interactions within my relationships.

I am easily distracted, yet I am also easily filled with many creative ideas. This leaves me at a standstill, paralyzed with over stimulation from the creative ideas that flood my being. Add in the fact that I had been distracted by media and drowning in physical things in my life. This kept me tethered to a life I was not happy with. No matter which direction I turned to, there were too many things in my way, whether this was in my home, my thoughts, relationships, or my creative to do list.

Over the last few months I decided to strip away all of the distraction, all of the creative work, all of my social platforms. I basically packed my life up, gesso'd my work and social life. In my actual house, I took everything off of the walls. I whittled down my wardrobe so I didn't have to think too much about clothing and laundry. My focus was purely on elimination and finding the meaning of home. I am still currently in this phase.

As I start to make all this empty space, new pathways are forming, and I can see where I want to go.

To help me through this new journey, I set aside time to work with Angie Louthan, a transformational life coach, to tackle some of the blocks keeping me from moving freely into this new space I can see before me.

I am currently half way through a course of study in herbal medicine. I found a home for my artwork in Snohomish at Arts of Snohomish, and I have a much clearer understanding of where I want my art career to go. I know that less is more, and I am continuing to minimize everything in my home life.

Less time managing stuff, and several media platforms, equals more time in nature. It means more time with family and friends, along with moments for creation and collaboration. It's ample time to read books and soak up more knowledge.

This means that I am not paralyzed in my home, filled with anxiety. This means I can rest and work at home with enough freedom to do it all.

Finding what my heart needed, helped me find, "What is Home?"

Here is a painting, titled Home I started while I quarantined in my house back in March.

If you would like a print copy of Home, or to inquire about the original canvas painting, please use the contact form.

Thank you for visiting with me.



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